Pottsville Forge incorporating Advanced Stairs & Balustrade


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Wrought iron staircase

Since 1988, Pottsville Forge has been producing
acclaimed ironwork. The artistry and technical
skill of Pottsville Forge Master craftsmen
and artistic blacksmiths has led to the production
of custom designed ironwork for commercial, 
residential and religious buildings around Australia.

There are very few artist blacksmiths in
Australia that offer a range of products and
styles, like Pottsville Forge, which will
compliment any type of architecture.

Pottsville Forge is one of the few remaining
bastions of the traditional blacksmith; where
artistry is wrought from centuries of tradition.

In addition to wrought iron, we also offer stainless
steel, aluminum and glass, stairs, balustrade
and general fabrication.

Mono stair stringer & stainless steel